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Published: January 3, 2020

Top 10 Home staging tips for 2020

Before selling your home you might want to consider some simple home staging tips. You might be asking yourself is home staging really worth it? The fact is staged homes sell for 6% more on average. Just a little bit of extra work put into staging your home can really pay off in the end. I've been practicing real estate for over 13 years, so I know how important staging a home can be. If you're wondering what are the most effective things to do when staging a home I've put together a simple guide with some helpful home staging tips that anyone can take advantage of.

Tip number 10 - Paint and color.

Neutralize, neutralize, and neutralize. I know your favorite color might be a fuchsia pink, lime green or eggplant purple, but when it's time to sell your home, you need to tone everything down. I personally like a color called grayish, and that's a combination of a gray and a beige, but any neutral color will do. And for paint, it's one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to update a space in your home. So if you have paint that looks a little tired or worn or is a little bit too bold and not as neutral, then I would go ahead and repaint that space with a nice neutral color. When choosing paint, if it's an interior wall, I would go with the flat sheen just because flat sheen is very forgiving. It's easier to apply and it hides a lot of the imperfections on the wall. if you're painting like a bathroom or kitchen, an area where there is a lot of moisture, then I would go with something that has a little bit more sheen to it.

Tip number 9 - Accessorize well and with color

So now that you have a neutral palette in the space, you want to be able to bring in some color and some fun patterns and you can do that easily with accessories such as getting a new area, rug pillows, throw blankets, new drapes, artwork, and even some sculptures with accessories. It's not too expensive to update these things and it's a really fun way to add some color. My general rule for picking out accessories is to really have fun with it because you're not committing too much money and it's not something that you're going to have forever so it's not something that you have to be committed to for a very long time. So go ahead, pick out that really fun area rug or that really bright, bold pillow that you've been eyeing and add it to your home space. If after a few years you get bored with the design it's really easy to update it.

Tip number 8 - Art Placement

Art is really subjective and personal, but what I find with most homeowners is that they're not always the best at hanging art. What I mean by that is that you've got to consider the placement where you're going to put it, make sure it's in a really good line of sight, a place where most people are going to take a look at it when they first walk into a space. Also, you want to consider the scale of the piece. The last thing you want is to have a small piece of art on this really big wall because it's going to look lonely. If you have a bunch of little art pieces that you want to showcase, consider grouping them together. It's really not hard and it gives you a much bigger impact than having that one lonely piece on that big wall and ideal place or height hang an art piece. It's about 60 to 66 inches from the center of the piece to the floor. So when you're hanging it, make sure you consider those measurements.

Tip number 7 -Mirrors

Mirrors are really easy way to reflect light in a space. Now you don't want to have too many mirrors. You want to be very selective with your mirror, but you do want to hang it or put it on a space that is maybe not getting a lot of natural light, therefore it reflects the light into the space and you also want to be careful on where you place the mirror. So if there is a view that you want to showcase then consider placing the mirror in front of that view. Therefore you're getting double the impact of the view. You're not only getting the light from the window, but you're also reflecting the view into space. So mirrors are really good and easy way to brighten a space and to add some light.

Tip number 6 -Freshen and update all the towels in your bathroom.

When potential buyers are walking through a property, they want to know that the house has been really well maintained. And one easy way to do that is by replacing all your old and tired towels with fresh and brand new ones. What I usually like to do is I like to go and buy white towels. I feel like white towels give it a real spa and relaxing feeling, and brand new towels give it the impression that the house is really clean and well maintained.

Tip number 5 - Lighting, lighting, lighting, lighting.

It's one of my favorite and most important tips, and I cannot stress enough how important lighting is. If you change the light of a space, you can really change the ambiance and the feel of a home. So consider maximizing all the lights in your space. If you find that there's a room that's dark, then put in some floor lamps, put in some table lamps, inject more light where you can and with the existing light. If you find that it's not bright enough, then look at the bulb. Maybe it's old, maybe it's outdated. Maybe you want to update it with a new energy-efficient, environmentally friendly led bulbs. That way, not only are you helping the environment, but you're also creating a new brighter feel to the space. Also, when you're doing a showing, always open up all your drapes and blinds. Make sure you maximize and get as much natural light into space that will really showcase the home and make the potential buyer feel really nice.

Tip number 4 - Consider the function of each of the rooms in your house or every particular space in your house.

Do you have a spare room that just that you're using just to store some stuff or maybe you're using it to workout in? Well, you might want to consider converting it to a spare bedroom or an office. Potential buyers like to know that they have maximum usage of each of the rooms in the space. Now if you want to convert it into a bedroom and you don't know how, one easy trick that I use is I buy an air mattress and I will hoist them on top of some milk crates or some empty boxes. And when you do that, you need to consider buying a bed skirt because you want to cover that stuff. You don't want to show any of it.

That's one easy way to convert it into a guest room. You don't necessarily need a headboard. Your headboards for a guest room could be something like a rug, just something that props up against the bed to really anchor this space. Then you put two-night tables on either side, put some lamps and accessories, get a really nice colorful bedspread and some pillows and boom, you have yourself a spare guest room, so always consider the functionality of each of the space and you want to make it as pretty and as bright and colorful as you can to really attract the potential buyers.

Tip number 3 -Clean, clean, clean.

A clean home is a loved home, a clean home is a sign of a well-maintained home. A clean home is just a really nice, attractive home for potential buyers. So yes, if you want to maintain your house and you want to show them that you have a lot of in your home and you want to sell it for maximum dollar, so always keep your house clean. I know it's a bit of a pain when you're doing some showings and you're in the middle of maybe cooking dinner and then you've got a text on your phone to say, Hey, there's a showing in 30 minutes. Well, you've got to clean up that mess. Put everything away and make sure everything is nice and clean because when a potential buyer walks through that home and they see that everything is really nice and clean, the thoughts that they're going through their head is, Oh, these people really taking care of their home, which means there's not going to be a lot of problems if I buy this house. The living room and master bedroom were found to be the most important spaces to stage according to The National Association of Realtors. This is a big investment, and they want to know that they're putting their money in a really well-loved home.

Tip number 2 - Depersonalize.

I know you have your beautiful kids pictures hanging up on the walls or in your family room. You might have your son's trophies lying around or your daughter's awards and maybe even your own personal awards, but really it's time to sell your property and you need to depersonalize it. Try to keep all personal items out of view. If you want maximum dollar, you want that potential buyer to walk into your space and it to be as neutral as possible. They are envisioning their own life or their own kids or their own family living in the space. They don't want to walk into a space and think, Oh, these are the people that live here. Oh, the daughter won an award for this. I know you're really proud of all those things and that's great, but when it's time to sell your home, you need to put them away, put them in storage boxes. You don't want to have any personal items of that showing around. You want to make it really neutral so that potential buyer walks in and they can envision their lives in the house.

My number 1 home staging tip - Declutter.

It's actually the number one tip or number one rule that I follow when I'm working on any project, whether it's residential, commercial, or staging a property, is to declutter. This is the perfect time for you to go through all your things and start editing things down to just what's really important to you and to what's really serves its maximum function. So if you have something that's just collecting dust, then consider donating it to somewhere where someone else could make better use of it. It's better served in that household than sitting in your house collecting dust. And this is really, you want to look at your space and make sure that you want to maximize the potential. So if the first piece of furniture doesn't serve a purpose, then consider putting it into a storage facility for a short term.

Overall it's going to potentially maximize the profit on your home. Because when you edit your home down to it's pure necessities. You're not only making the house feel bigger, but you're making it more inviting and potential buyers like that. So they're willing to pay more for it. So this is a perfect time. Take all the stuff off your bookshelf, put them away in boxes, store them at the storage facility. And only put up things that are really meaningful and that really serves its purpose. So there you have it. My top 10 tips on staging your property for maximum value.

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